Thoughts about the Internet

  • The aware surfer

She knows what she does when using the internet. Paying for services on the internet is highly uncommon for her, because she knows that everything that costs money is avaiable for free – at least somewhere. She´s a convinced Mozilla Firefox user with a technical affinity, maybe Google Chrome user (because of the faster Java VM) for testing and occassionally browsing. Though skeptical about the Web 2.0 thing she´s participating probably in Facebook and for listening purposes in Youtube and mySpace – the latter with a growing antipathy because of the spammed design. She´s got a fixed schedule on websites to visit every day and never spends time on leisure-browsing. Discovering new sites is only a part of focused searching, preferential using Google. She´s got plenty of email accounts, but only one or two of real interest – all the others are used for several spam purposes mainly for website registration affairs.


Google develops a browser – Google Chrome

I wasn´t very suprised about it – but I was very suprised about the way they do it. They seem to believe in my personal needs for a browser : “It has to be rock-solid”.

Take a look at the great comic (1st link) and the information in the blog (2nd link) for more technical stuff. The most interesting things :

  • every tab will have a separate process (yesssssssssssss !!!)
  • the browser will feature a self developed Java VM (V8), that compiles the source to machine code and executes it directly on the machine (so it will probably be much faster then nowadays VM´s)

links :

GARMIN ForeRunner 205 – a short test

After some time of thinking I got my GARMIN ForeRunner 205 – a GPS based training device for walking, hiking and biking with support for navigation and route tracking.

The first test seems promising, a short track around Ilmenau looks like this :

Short track around Ilmenau

A little part of the route is missing and right now I´m not quite sure if I did something wrong or the device did. But I´ll find out in the future.

What really sucks is the GARMIN Training Center Software, totally unprofessional designed (installing in a non-selectable path – C:\Garmin, adding a service without asking, only worked after downloading the newest version from the website).

But the 3D Route Builder – really helped me through – and the basic version is free for personal use.

So expect a very cool bike trail in a few days (and some pics of the device).