My personal hate list…the order is no prioritization:

Who Why
1. Huawei Because of their shitty drivers for usb broadband devices.
2. People Who eat meat and built all the lies and narratives around that.
3. EDGE / 2G+ And all the people who claim it as a usable mobile internet speed.
4. Deutsche Bahn (DB) For being a faceless company that does not give a shit about their customers who pay for grossly overpriced train tickets that are more often late than on time.
5. Microsoft For MS-SQL server being the worst piece of software ever developed, not to mention Outlook, Word and Exchange. Ohhh and did I mention the stolen Azure Signing Key?
6. People Who think that access to clean water and sanitation is not a human right.
7. Codemasters For developing bad successors of great racing games.
8. AfD No explanation necessary.

4 thoughts on “Who-to-hate”

  1. 6. People Who think that access to clean water and sanitation isn´t a human right.

    True but then you also have to pay a price to get it. Nothing is for free not even the air you breath is free

    Air many reasons why not free. Think how much your paying for it through all the green house Euro rubbish incentives. Yet still no one has for certain made public reason for green house or if there is a green house effect 100% It is still could be coming of next ice age causing it or other silly things all the while we are all paying the price to try stop what ever it is. No body can stop an ice age from coming. Although they have said if an ice age could take a hundred to two hundred years to come GREAT ! The politicians in power win every time the greedy money making bastards, and then spend it on arms and their political party

    Startrekkin ! Across the universe on the starship enterprise with captain Kirk DA – DA-DA – DA

    It’s life Jim, It’s life Jim, but not as we know it

  2. Codemasters? lol Micromachines was good, but had it’s time. This is an amusing who-to-hate list, and I’m glad I stopped by. Amusing because these are understandable hates.

    Props to you sir for the hosting the Adobe Audition/Cool Edit Pro filter pack. Very useful.

    You might consider expanding upon this page.

  3. Well to be fair on Codemasters I have to admit that it seems, that they may have understood the problem(s) and are working hard to do better. The videogame industry is kinda hard today and when you´re focusing on Racing Games it´s not easy to survive.

    About the Audition / Cool Edit pack – I still wonder that people use it nowadays :-).

  4. Codemasters have been removed from the list because with DIRT Rally they have proofed that they still can develop great succesors.

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