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This list features my all-time favourite games on different platforms. The list will be continued as soon as a new great game enters my life (or when I´ll remeber one) ;-).  You may wonder that some games are listed on multiple platforms while others are not (though they existed on other platforms too). I only list the platforms I´ve played the game.

The ranking categories :

  • PLAYING TIME – how long have I played the game (from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest))
  • WOW EFFECT – how impressed have I been by the game (from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest))
  • GRAPHICS – my personal visual impression (from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest))
  • OVERALL RANKING – a simple summation of the other 3 ranking categories

A note on the GRAPHICS category. The rank given there refers to the time (and the system) the game was released on (the platform I´ve played the game). It is not comparable with today´s standards and should not be.

The list is sorted by OVERALL RANKING but can be sorted by any column. Happy discussion !

(a click on a game directs you to Wikipedia or other sources about the game)

GamePlatform / SystemReleaseDeveloperPlaying TimeWOW EffectGraphicsOverall Rating
The Last of UsPS32013Naughty Dog7101027
Heavy RainPS32010Quantic Dream6101026
Forza HorizonXBOX 3602012Playground Games / Turn 10 Studios107825
Uncharted 2PS32009Naughty Dog681024
RalliSport Challenge 2XBOX2004DICE96823
Goldeneye 007Nintendo 641997Rare510823
Resident EvilPSX1996Capcom69823
Resident Evil : Code VeronicaSega Dreamcast2000Nextech / Capcom68822
GTA IV The Ballad of Gay TonyPC2009Rockstar78722
Street Fighter 2 TurboSNES1993Capcom86721
Trials EvolutionPC2012RedLynx / Ubisoft Shanghai77721
Super Mario WorldSNES1990Shigeru Miyamoto / Nintendo86620
Sega Rally ChampionshipArcade Sega Model 2 / Sega Saturn1995 / 1997Sega / AM5 / AM376720
Velvet AssassinXBOX 3602009Replay Studios67619
Transport Tycoon Deluxe / Open Transport Tycoon DeluxePC1995 / 2004Chris Sawyer / Microprose / OpenTTD Team & The Community104519
Grand Prix 2PC1996Geoff Crammond / Microprose65718
Sega Rally 2Arcade Sega Model 3 / Sega Dreamcast1998 / 2000Sega / AM5 / Smilebit75618
Prisoner Of IcePC1995Infogrames55717
TetrisNintendo Game Boy1989Alexey Pazhitnov / Nintendo (license)104317
Indiana Jones And The Fate Of AtlantisPC1992Lucas Arts45514

Some additional blabla to the games on the list follows here :

You may wonder why GTA IV – The Ballad of Gay Tony is on the list and the original GTA IV not. Well…I could have placed both of them on the list but I think that TBoGT is the cherry on the cake.   Though TBoGT is much much shorter than the original game the story is straighter and more focused on an exciting and arresting game progress. The characters are authentic and bizarre at the same time and in every second of TBoGT I was really involved in the things going on there. My final conclusion – TBoGT is the better GTA IV.

Update 28.09.2014

Added The Last Of Us. No explanation needed ;-). Play it.

Update 05.12.2013

I have added Trials Evolution to the list. It wasn´t an easy decision because I had to choose between Trials HD (predecessor) and Trials Evolution. Trials HD reinvented this genre and so far I played it more often than its successor. But Trials Evolution invented the really great Supercross multiplayer and so I decided to choose it for the list.

Update 27.03.2013

Wow…it needed nearly 2 years to add a new game to my favourite games list. And the winner is: Forza Horizon. For me one of the greatest racers of all time and mainly because of its edge cutting mixture between arcade and racing simulation and for a superb car handling.

Update 09.03.2011

I´ve added Velvet Assassin and Goldeneye 007 to the list. You may know the last one, but you may be wondering about Velvet Assassin.  It´s a stealth action game situated in the 2nd world war. It´s on the list because it has a very dark, depressing, emotional and scary atmosphere.  Regarding the game mechanics it´s far from perfect and also definitely not the best stealth game, but the atmopshere is really really really great. One level is situated in the Warsaw Ghetto and while playing that, I really felt depressed and appalled from this gigantic crime of the nazis. By the way – not a game for children. Not at all !!!

Update 28.04.2011

I´ve added Heavy Rain and it easily gained the 1st position on the list. It´s a genre defining game and shows how much more video games can be rather than just simple entertainment.

Update 13.01.2011

I´ve changed the PLAYING TIME for Transport Tycoon Deluxe / Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe from a 8 rating to 10. Simply because I find myself playing OpenTTD again and again. And it´s never getting boring in some or another way. So I think this is just fair.




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