Radio – 11.07.2009 – Pac and Steff

Weimar´s local radio station did a 48h program in June 2009. Steff and I did a special show about slang, voices, speaking and beat-boxing. It was a very short program about 40 minutes, but definetly fun.

Here you can hear the results : – 11.07.2009 – Pac and Steff (MP3 – 42 MB)

HSF Ilmenau – Musik Special – 10.12.2007

Ilmenau´s university radio – HSF – gave students the possibility to do their own radio show once a week. I took this chance and it was great fun. Below you can download the broadcast until one of the big record labels sue´s me.

Musik Special – 10.12.2007 (MP3 -165 MB)


From time to time I did some radio shows on different stations. The whole thing started back in 2003 (or 2002 ? or 2001 ? – I can´t remember…) at a station called “SCZ FUN FM”. I did a sunday night show from 10pm till midnight or 1 am. It was all about rock, metal and hardcore and very much fun.

There´s not much left from this time, but has some, though very fragment backtracks :*/

I can´t remember the page too well but I think it was also very fragmentary of it´s time being. But it had some cool Web 2.0 features to contact and interact with the people in the studio way before anybody knew what Web 2.0 was.

Anyway – the whole team and the station was a chaotic, absolutely unorganised crowd but they all did this non profit with a really really low budget.


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