Supermodel – a Sega Model 3 Arcade Emulator – Download


I´ve added the Supermodel-UI to the downloads. It´s a graphical user interface which will make the use of Supermodel much more easy.

I was very surprised today when I found out, that there´s a rather good Sega Model 3 emulator available called “Supermodel”. Check out the official site at – it´s really great work.

The official version is 0.2 but better versions are available that have been built directly fromthe  svn repository. I have uploaded the version 260 for x64 and x86 Windows machines.

I´ll try to update the versions from time to time. Have fun !

Download Supermodel3 v260:

8 thoughts on “Supermodel – a Sega Model 3 Arcade Emulator – Download”

  1. Man, you hook this thing up! I am loving it. Thanks lot. Is there any way you could do the same for Star Wars Racer Arcade?

  2. You did a good job with this. This Model 3 emulator is being used by me for Star Wars Trilogy Arcade purposes only. There are some other Sega Emulators out there that has a list of games already with the Emulator including Star Wars Racer Arcade. The only problem is it doesn’t work properly. I was trying to see if you can look into this and maybe do your magic like you did with this one. The main emulator I’m talking is DEmul x86 v0.7 Alpha BUILD.

  3. Ahhh okay, now I understood ;-). I can try to check it out but currently I have only little time to spare….so it may take some time.

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