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4players did a big controller mash-up (the link at the bottom of the article leads to the picture gallery) and I found 2 interesting devices :

negconThis is the neGcon from Namco, originally made for Ride Racer on the PSX. I still remember the day when I first saw this controller. Schnee bought it (for a shitload of money) and I didn´t liked it in the beginning. But later I cherished its precise control in racing games and still today it´s small and innovative device. Much better than the analog sticks used for the xbox360 or the PS3.

brain_controlThis one is a brain controlled device. I saw something similar years ago at a hospital specialized in epilepsy therapy. The patients controlled a little spaceship in a left-to-right scrolling game and tried to avoid a collision with objects – only with their “thoughts”.

It should help them to recognize outbreaks of the epilepsy early and minimize the seizure.

Anyway – in this picture it shows a game controller. Until now it´s not very popular but I´m sure that this concept of controlling will become more important in the future.

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And there is more interesting and funny stuff at 4players (only in german – sorry) :

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  1. Nice blog, I was doing a little web snooping and happened onto your blog, I was wondering if you knew your website is rendering strangely within the K-mellon browser. I can see everything but the pictures are somehow out of whack. Most likely not a big deal since basically no one utilizes it any longer however I am old school and still run it.

  2. Hey,

    thx for the comment. I´m sorry but I have absolutely no idea what the K-mellon browser is. And I have to blame it on WordPress if things look ugly, because I haven´t changed anything on the original layout.

    But thanks for the feedback anyway.

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