A smart idea from Asrock – the Asrock 970 Extreme4 mainboard

970 Extreme4markedPicture source: http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/970%20Extreme4/

This post may sound a bit like advertisement, but believe me – it isn´t. Yesterday my Gigabyte mainboard died. So far I don´t know why or what went wrong. But when I did some tests to find out what may be broken I faced a very common problem when dealing with mainboards. If you haven´t installed the mainboard in a case it´s a bit tricky to turn it on. You always need to use some tricks or some strange tools to bridge the 2 power switch pins.

Some smart guy or girl at Asrock might have had the same problem and so they decided to fit their newest mainboard with Clear CMOS, On / Off and Reset Switches. How great is that ? I mean it´s actually one of those things where you wonder why no one else had the idea before. So if you need a mainboard for frequently testing, this is your choice. Full specs available here.

Click the picture for a small size preview of the switches.


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