Jagged Alliance & Road Redemption Kickstarter Campaigns + ISWI 2013 Startnext campaign

kickstarter-logoIf you have some money to spare then I know a great way to spend it. How about crowd funding two great games on Kickstarter ? They first game is Jagged Alliance: Flashback – a turn based action game. For $25 you´ll get a DRM free copy of the game if the funding is successful. There are 16 days left for the funding goal of $350.000 to be completed. If the goal won´t be reached, then you won´t be charged your money. Great, isn´t it ?

The second game I want to draw your attention to is Road Redemption. Some of you might remember Road Rash – a motorcycle racing game which allowed beating your opponents with various wepaons. Road Redemption will be a remake of this simple but fun gaming principle with next-gen graphics. For only $15 you get a DRM free copy of the game and there are only 5 days left. So please help these guys reach their funding goals.





ISWI2013_logoThe international student week in Ilmenau (ISWI) is the biggest student conference in Germany and has a small crowd funding campaign on Startnext at the moment. The ISWI 2013 is dedicated to the topic “Youth”. It is taking place from the 31st of May to 9th of June 2013. ISWI invites students from all over the world to discuss the different aspects of this topic. Problems shall be shown and possible solutions will be worked out. The motto of the conference is „moving YOUth“.

The main aim of the ISWI is to bring young people from all over the world together and serve as a platform for exchange and getting to know each other as well as for discussion and working out ideas to solve recent problems. We set ourselves the goal to fight against social inequality, racism and intolerance as well as to promote mutual understanding. To reach this aim, we organize projects that raise awareness to recent problems and offer an open platform to get to know each other, exchange views and work out solutions for these problems. We think, that in our globalized world, an international attitude and global cooperation are essential to enable humans to live together. With ISWI 2013 we want to contribute towards this aim.

So – if you can, please support ISWI with a little bit of your money.



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