Max Herre @ Stadtgarten, Erfurt

I’ve added some photos from the Max Herre concert in Erfurt to the photo gallery. It was a nice show and Clueso showed up too. He performed 2 songs with Max.

The annoying fact of the evening was that digital cameras weren’t allowed by the local presenter Zughafen. They couldn’t provide the legal terms for the show but refused to let us in with Steffs digital camera. I’m still mad about it because it’s big ass presenter behaviour on the one hand (no cams and stuff) and on the other hand they should at least be able to provide the legal terms or print a notice on the tickets. So the security guys had a strange definition of how “big” a digital camera can be. Steff’s obviously was too big and so we had to take it back to the car. As a result of that the quality is not too good…only iPhone picz.

But check them out at the gallery.