Impressions from Aegypt

I found some time to add pictures (which my girlfriend carefully selected) from our recent holidays in Aegypt. Just click the picture and see all the rest in the photo gallery. Aegypt was quite nice and it was definetly an adventure to see the Pyramids of Gizeh. And man they are huge…and by huge I mean real huge.

Cairo was a big mess…a really big mess. 21 million people in one city. A big shock for a german tourist…

The nile is soo beautiful but a real undertaking for the stomach. If you pay Aegypt a visit be sure to get on a boat for a trip from Luxor to Assuan. Shouldn´t be hard to find one, I think I saw more cruise ships then camels (and we saw much).

And in my head there´s already an article about the use of the Euro in Aegypt. As soon as I´m motivated enough I´ll write about it. Check back soon !

some short facts from our arrival :

– pictures later
– nice weather
– good food

– an unbelievable tourist mass

– rain !!! when we arrived (to make this clear, we are in the DESERT)

Madrid, Spain

I’m on holidays in Madrid to visit Pierre – a friend of my girlfriend Steff. And besides the 41 degrees !!!! during the day it seems like I’ve been dropped in the biggest construction site of the world. It really sucks…

But Madrid has some beautiful Street Art objects and so I decided to start a new category and here are the first objects (the first one is just a prove for the temperature) :