Samsung RMA


Well – it happened as I expected it. One month ago I sent my Samsung S1 Mini – a great little 2.5 inch usb harddisk – in for repair. And I thought how long might it take until I’ll get it back.

Right now, over one month later I still can’t say, because I haven’t got it back. To be continued…

P.S.: Why it needed repair ? From one day to another it transferred data very very slow. After a little research on the net this seems to be a common problem within the S1 series.

Update :
Last week I got a call from Samsungs RMA center. They told me that the S1 Mini is out of stock and they offered me a 250 GB replacement HDD (mine had 160 GB). And yesterday it arrived. I’m happy now, because I have my small portable HDD back and it’s larger then before, but 6 weeks altogether are simply too long. Way too long…

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