Cool Edit Pro / Adobe Audition M4A / AAC / MP4 / AC3 / FLACC / MOD / OGG / QT / WMA plugins

Update 3:

Fixed the download links again. Now downloading over secure connection :-).

Update 2:

The download link was broken. I fixed it now. Thx to Reini for the hint.


I´ve decided to put all the Cool Edit Pro plugins I own into an archive and distribute it here => Download

These plugins are included:

  • M4A
  • AAC
  • MP4
  • AC3
  • FLAC
  • MOD
  • OGG
  • QT (Quicktime Audio)
  • WMA

The plugins work with Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and Adobe Audition.

Download: cool_edit_pro_codecs.rar

If you´re still a convinced user of Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition you may want to convert some m4a files to another format. I found this nice plugin at RareWares and mirrored it here for you.

It uses FAAC 1.28 and FAAD2 2.7.

Happy converting and thanks to the people at RareWares !


45 thoughts on “Cool Edit Pro / Adobe Audition M4A / AAC / MP4 / AC3 / FLACC / MOD / OGG / QT / WMA plugins”

  1. Thanks for keeping up with Cool Edit Pro and its plugins! I had updated my (portable) copy of Cool Edit Pro (v2.1) but did not have the FAAC and neromp4 plugins so I included those as well now.

  2. There is problem with Cool Edit Pro v2 and from rarewares (probably). When an aac has been encoded with aacGain that Cool Edit pro gives an errors for the gain after which no aac audio is loaded. Likely many audio files could be now encoded this way (the mp3 idiots have found aac)

    This is written so you can inform other places and such of this problem needing a fix

  3. Can you provide me with a testfile to reproduce this problem ? Because I think I have another encoder for aac…somewhere…

  4. You saved my life! Was looking 4 a possibility to load m4a wo installing quicktime for a while! Thanks! Great! Wow. And all together here!

  5. You have to extract the archive and then copy all the files to the Cool Edit programm folder (somewhere like C:\Programm Files (x86)\Cool Edit Pro).

  6. Thank you so much!
    Audition (Audition 3) is still by far the best, imho, and these plugins make it invincible!

  7. Hi there! Thanks for the plugins. I’d really appreciate it if you can suggest any filter for Cool Edit for opening and saving .mpa files. Thanks!

  8. great! Needed to open iphone voice memos in m4a format. Pasted pluggin in program root folder. works like a charm.
    thank you

  9. Thanks Bro. 2016 and I still use CEP and your plugins fixed my need for m4a / acc file usage in CEP. Big thanks and respect for writing it yourself.

    Grüße aus Ostwestfalen.

  10. Thank you so much for keeping your filters alive and well. I’ve been using CoolEdit for 20 years now. I just recently had a hard drive crash, and lost my old copy of (specifically) the AC3 filter. I still had my install files for CE2.1, but somehow none of the add-on filters I had previously downloaded were in the folder with it. I went to the ac3filter-dot-net site to download their copy again, but their download link is dead. You were the second search result – you should have been the first, since they’re useless now. Plus you have all the filters conveniently in one download. Awesome work!

  11. Thanks :-). By the way – as Cool Edit 2.1 tends to cause some problems with modern operating systems – you can also try Adobe Audition. It´s the successor of Cool Edit, the interface is similar, but has more features and works well with modern operating systems.

  12. Hi & thanks a lot for the pack !

    About “Audition”: I’ve had a lot of sound boards/modules compatibility problems — and no compatibility problem at all with “Cool Edit Pro 2.1”, even on Windows 10, 64-bit + 32-bit versions.

    On the other hand, with “Cool Edit Pro 2.1” under Win. 10, once “DX effects” enabled: no more sound (+ error msg.)! — although the effects apply OK…

    Thanks also for the AAC filter. Works perfectly with “Cool Edit 2000” and, therefore, lets me drag’n’drop “AVC H.264 + AAC audio MP4” videos onto its UI, to open those files as audio (= very handy);

    didn’t test THAT version in “Cool Edit Pro 2.1”, yet, as I have another one (lighter in MB), which works — but: refused by “Cool Edit 2000”; that’s what brought me to this page.

    This not 2026, yet; “only” 2016… Nevertheless, ten years from now, I might STILL be using “CEP 2.1”! ;o) Why replace such an EFFICIENT + EASY tool…

  13. I still can’t open .mp4 file to cool edit. I use these plugins but still not working. My cool edit pro version is 2.1
    Is there other Way?

  14. …and what about Opus codec for Cool Edit or Audition?
    it exists?
    It would be beautiful have it, since Opus is day by day more used (Whatsapp…).
    Thanks to anyone can help.

  15. Hi,

    since both Cool Edit and Audition are not in development anymore (and haven´t been for quite a while now) I don´t think there will be an Opus codec available in the future. But if I find one, I´ll let you know ;-).

  16. 🙂

    Though I´m using Reaper for nearly everything audio at the moment, if I just need to do a quick convert or edit job Cool Edit Pro is still my tool of choice.

  17. Flac filter is not picked up by CoolEdit after placing it in folder Coolpro2 in Windows 8. With Windows 7 everything is OK. After removing Cool Edit flac.flt remains in folder as enemy file not detected by CoolEdit 2.0 or 2.1
    Is it any ideas about this?

  18. Hello, flac flt is not detected by CoolEdit with Win.8
    Seems it should be inside of setup.exe
    With Win.7 everything OK.
    After CoolEdit uninstalled flac.flt stays in coolpro2 folder as alien file
    Is any ideas how to fix this?

  19. I have fixed the problem by placing flac.flt into coolpro2 with admin rights.
    When placed with user rights appear strange work of CoolEdit under Win7 or Win.8, no matter.
    When CoolEdit is opened by user everything OK and flac works.
    When CoolEdit is opened by admin flac file is not detected, no matter Win.7 or Win.8
    Such a strange tricks of Windows. When flac is placed by admin rights, everything works OK no matter how you open CoolEdit.

  20. One question – Adobe Audition 3.0 during installation removes CoolEditPro2.1 or they continue to work independently?

  21. In general it should not be possible to place the plugin files in the Cool Edit folder without admin rights (if Cool Edit is installed in C:\”ProgramFiles” or “C:\Programs”. But thanks for sharing the solution.

  22. I know it is a big ask but, is there any possibility of putting the Cool Edit Pro plugins archive onto a zip. I can download the, but the other two downloads are restricted on my workplace system, which doesn’t allow anything but zipped files. Crazy I know, but!!!


  23. Dude, I see you only doing good to this efficient tool like above mentioned. I would love the m4a plugins. NOTHING IS DOWNLOADING. PLS FIX. I could go the long away around and let it record pc sound via the stereo mix input.

  24. Hi! I have fixed the download links. I wasn´t aware that downloading over unsecure connection is nowadays automatically blocked. Should work now. Good luck!

  25. Hi Daxx! No, I don‘t think so. Adobe Audition (which is basically an advanced Cool Edit Pro) supports OPUS via Plugin and I think there‘s even an old version available for free.

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