restaurant : IKEA, Erfurt / Germany

Short and simple – the food at IKEA is really cheap and the quality is really bad.

I´ve never been a big fan of this place but from time to time I go there to buy some fresh furniture. I want to be part of the yuppie hype too…

Anyway – I had a classical german Schnitzel with french fries and cream sauce. It was more cold than hot, the Schnitzel reminded me of my morning newspaper and the fries have never seen some salt. At least the sauce was okay, but also not a celebration for my palate. My girlfriend had some organic noodle casserole with tomato and cheese. The whole thing was dry like a desert, I couldn´t find any cheese and it was cold too.

The only good thing was the free refill for the soft drinks. My no-name coke tasted a little bit like a mixture of CoCa Cola (Coke) with some lemon limonade. Ohhh and the 2nd good thing was the price – not even 10 EUR for 2 persons is incredibly cheap.

Our menu :

– Schnitzel with french friens and cream sauce

– organic noodle casserole with tomato and cheese

– no-name coke

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