Private Health Insurance – Versicherungskammer Bayern

For a few months the Versicherungskammer Bayern thinks that I´m interested in a private health insurance. So they dropped me some snail mail from time to time. But what a surpise – I´m NOT ! Last november (2007) I was so bored that I wrote them a letter to stop that and I wanted to have an information about my stored personal data (according to german privacy law). Never got a reply.

2 weeks ago I got another mailing from them in my box. So I gave all the stuff to my lawyer and today I got a very surprising answer from him. Besides his exorbitant bill I also found a sheet about my stored personal data. The guy listed there had the same name like me, but a totally different address. At least in Germany. I guess they are spamming more Sebastian Becker´s.

Now my lawyer has to act again…sadly this will increase the bill again I suppose.

Attachment : personal data sheet (only in german – sorry)

Update :

Well – I have to say that I´m surprised about how this ended. A few days later I got a second letter from the CEO with an apology and a correct personal data sheet. After paying my lawyers bill I spend some days thinking if it was worth the 300 EUR. But again – I was surprised when I found 300 EUR back on my bank account a little later. The Versicherungskammer Bayern accepted to take the costs on their side. Great. Thank you. And by the way – not a single mailing from them, since that.