WordPress Visual Editor broken after Update 3.3.1 (again)

Update 2 – 10.01.2012:

I was asked about the “Use Google Libraries” plugin for WordPress – here it is: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/use-google-libraries/

And this explains why you may wanna use it, even if your visual editor works fine: http://encosia.com/3-reasons-why-you-should-let-google-host-jquery-for-you/

Thx Dave !

Update – 10.01.2012:

Wow – I found a new method to fix it. But honestly I don´t believe in it and wouldn´t recommend it further. But for me it worked (NO joke).

I wrote this text below with the Wordpres iPhone App because I couldn´t use the web cause the visual editor was broken. And after this article was successfully posted from the iPhone, I tried the visual editor again. And now it worked. Crazy ?! I think so…

Grrrrrrrrr…after updating to 3.3.1 the visual editor is broken. Again. The same shit happened after updating to 3.3. Last time I fixed it by installing the “Use Google Libraries” plugin. This worked fine for 3.3. But it doesn’t seem to work for 3.3.1. And the WordPress support groups are not a real help. Definitely not…damn !!!

PageView – an iframe plugin for wordpress

Update : I had to disable the plugin because it causes my Safari browser on the iPhone to crash. I´m not quite sure who to blame – the browser or the plugin, but I´ll try to find out soon.

WordPress and I are never going to be close friends but PageView got us a bit closer. With the help of this little plugin you can easily embedded websites into your post or pages without any pain in the ass. WordPress doesn´t allow direct iframe integration so this might help solve your problem.

You can customize the look & feel of the embedded website by changing the “pageview.css” file within the PageView plugin directory.

Get the plugin there : http://urbangiraffe.com/plugins/pageview/

Usage is :

  • ['pageview url "some title" description']

(would look like this, if the plugin would have been enabled)