Changes…and need for help

FinkCommander_in_useI changed some more or less internal things today. Here is what happened:

– integrated a Twitter feed widget that displays my timeline

– reviewed all categories, renamed some, deleted many

– updated SSL settings

If you find a bug, please contact me. One item is still open and I´m looking for help here. I´m using the WordPress HTTPS plugin to secure this site. However – the data entered in the search box is currently not encrypted and so a SSL warning is displayed. If anybody has an idea on how to fix this, I´d be happy to get an advice.

Thanks !

Happy birthday my little blog

happy-birthday-vectorHappy birthday to my little blog !

5 years ago this was the first post ! So let´s see what the next 5 years will be like. I did some analytics of the past 5 years:

– 138 Posts = 27,6 posts per year = 2,3 posts per month

– 706 Tags = 5,1 tags per posts

– 24 Categories:

– Top 3 (including children): IT (49 posts), Annoying (41), Gaming (22)

– Low 2 (including children): Hip Hop (1 post), TU Ilmenau (2 posts)

– 317 items in the Media Library = 2,3 media items per post

Most commented post: Android on Samsung i8320 / H1 – H1droid / CyanogenMod

Thanks to all the people who visited this site in the last 5 years. See you around !

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The uploaded file could not be moved to – WordPress 3.3.1

Update – 25.01.2012

I still haven´t found a good solution for the problem. Several people report that they were able to solve it , by changing the owner of the “uploads” directory (to the user which php runs as (in most cases “wwwrun”). But that didn´t worked for me. The only solution I found was to run php as FastCGI and not as an Apache module. This solution though has some drawbacks. You need to configure a single php.ini for every virtual host you run and you can´t use .htaccess files anymore.

My conlusion – FastCGI resolves the problem but doesn´t cure the root of all that evil.

I guess the WordPress 3.3 and 3.3.1 are the worst releases the WordPress Team ever did. First the fucked up the visual editor and now the shittiest WordPress problem ever: “The uploaded file could not be moved to” – a problem occuring when you try to upload images/videos/media (and when your php runs in safe mode).

In older WordPress versions it could be easily solved by chmod 777 the “uploads” folder within “wp-content”. Now this doesn´t work anymore.

One solution is to chmod 777 “wp-content” completely. But they can´t be serious about that…can they ?

WordPress Visual Editor broken after Update 3.3.1 (again)

Update 2 – 10.01.2012:

I was asked about the “Use Google Libraries” plugin for WordPress – here it is:

And this explains why you may wanna use it, even if your visual editor works fine:

Thx Dave !

Update – 10.01.2012:

Wow – I found a new method to fix it. But honestly I don´t believe in it and wouldn´t recommend it further. But for me it worked (NO joke).

I wrote this text below with the Wordpres iPhone App because I couldn´t use the web cause the visual editor was broken. And after this article was successfully posted from the iPhone, I tried the visual editor again. And now it worked. Crazy ?! I think so…

Grrrrrrrrr…after updating to 3.3.1 the visual editor is broken. Again. The same shit happened after updating to 3.3. Last time I fixed it by installing the “Use Google Libraries” plugin. This worked fine for 3.3. But it doesn’t seem to work for 3.3.1. And the WordPress support groups are not a real help. Definitely not…damn !!!

Administration day

Today is my personal administration day…many things have to be updated. I´m curious on how it´s gonna be. My first time fix is about 6 hours…I´ll keep you updated.

# updating 1st WordPress blog to version 3.0.1 => done
# updating 2nd WordPress blog to version 3.0.1 => done
# updating 3rd WordPress blog to version 3.0.1 => done

Elasped time, including backup work 1h. Great. The auto update function in WordPress is really great, as long as you haven´t customized your blog too far.

Now…backing up a dokuwiki.

# updating DokuWiki to version 2009-12-25 => done

Elapsed time, including backup work 2,5h.  Better than I expected and no bug fixing after the update. Great. The only problem is that I wanted to correct just one simple font-size setting within the css. That cost me nearly 1h and it still doesn´t work.

Anyway…so far, my personal administration day went really well.


Today I did a Typo3 update from 4.1.3 to 4.4.1 and well this wasn´t so easy. The main issue was that an old extension prevented the backend to work. Ohh and I nearly forgot…I needed one hour to get the install console to work.  The article above provides 2 solutions.

PageView – an iframe plugin for wordpress

Update : I had to disable the plugin because it causes my Safari browser on the iPhone to crash. I´m not quite sure who to blame – the browser or the plugin, but I´ll try to find out soon.

WordPress and I are never going to be close friends but PageView got us a bit closer. With the help of this little plugin you can easily embedded websites into your post or pages without any pain in the ass. WordPress doesn´t allow direct iframe integration so this might help solve your problem.

You can customize the look & feel of the embedded website by changing the “pageview.css” file within the PageView plugin directory.

Get the plugin there :

Usage is :

  • ['pageview url "some title" description']

(would look like this, if the plugin would have been enabled)