Howto redirect or forward a link / url via .htaccess

If you want to redirect / forward a link / url the easiest solution is to use a .htaccess file. You need to place it in the directory where the user would normally land with the original link.

The general structure is simple. You´ll only need to enter one single line in the .htaccess file:

Redirect permanent old location new location

  • old location must be a relative link to root of your server structure, e.g. /wwwroot/index.html
  • new location must be a full link, e.g.

So in case you want to redirect to your .htaccess file needs to be placed in the same directory where the index.html is and should look like this:

Redirect permanent /wwwroot/index.html

If you want to redirect something like this to this new location then your .htaccess file needs to be placed in the “12” directory and should look like this:

Redirect permanent /wwwroot/uploads/12/myuploadedfile.rar

Remember: The /wwwroot/ can be different on your site / server. You need to find out the webservers document root. A common directory is also /public_html/.

Thx to the RBI @ Uni Frankfurt – see their site for more information about url redirecting (only in german).


The uploaded file could not be moved to – WordPress 3.3.1

Update – 25.01.2012

I still haven´t found a good solution for the problem. Several people report that they were able to solve it , by changing the owner of the “uploads” directory (to the user which php runs as (in most cases “wwwrun”). But that didn´t worked for me. The only solution I found was to run php as FastCGI and not as an Apache module. This solution though has some drawbacks. You need to configure a single php.ini for every virtual host you run and you can´t use .htaccess files anymore.

My conlusion – FastCGI resolves the problem but doesn´t cure the root of all that evil.

I guess the WordPress 3.3 and 3.3.1 are the worst releases the WordPress Team ever did. First the fucked up the visual editor and now the shittiest WordPress problem ever: “The uploaded file could not be moved to” – a problem occuring when you try to upload images/videos/media (and when your php runs in safe mode).

In older WordPress versions it could be easily solved by chmod 777 the “uploads” folder within “wp-content”. Now this doesn´t work anymore.

One solution is to chmod 777 “wp-content” completely. But they can´t be serious about that…can they ?