Irfanview on Mac OS X

Since I´m still relatively new in the use of Mac OS I sometimes miss some Windows apps. One of these is Irfanview which is not natively available for Mac OS. But there´s a simple solution for that:

  1. Download and install Quarz –
  2. Download and install Wine – – I recommend using the Wine Stable installer. When installing be sure to activate the checkbox with the 64-bit support.
  3. Download Irfanview and extract it to a folder of your choice (e.g. Desktop/Downloads/Irfanview) – – Be sure to download the ZIP version and NOT the installer.
  4. Optional – download Irfanview plugins and extract it into the plugins subfolder of the folder where you’ve extracted Irfanview (e.g. Desktop/Downloads/Irfanview/plugins) – – Again be sure to download the ZIP version.
  5. Start Irfanview by double-clicking the irfanview.exe file in the Irfanview folder. Wine will then do its initial setup and needs to download Mono add-ons (required for .NET applications like Irfanview).
  6. After that Irfanview launches and you’re good to go.