Nested CSS with pseudo class

Lately I had a bit of an design issue with a web front end based on classical php/html/css. I wanted to display images in different sizes on different pages. But I wasn´t able to touch the php / html source so my only chance was to work on the css. But – I also wasn´t able to touch the css (pseudo) classes or introduce new ones.

After quite some time of research I discovered, that CSS offers a great way to nest statements so here is what I´ve done.

The original CSS class looked like this:

.td_value_details {
vertical-align: top;

And here is how I nested my image size statement in it:

.td_value_details img {max-width: 600px; height: 350px;} {
vertical-align: top;

I really didn´t know that this was possible and I´m pretty sure it´s not best practice, but it really does the job.


Typo3 install console / back end broken

When you are trying to access the Typo3 install console you need to create an empty file called “ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL” within /typo3conf/ folder.  In some cases Typo3 deletes this file everytime you want to access the install console.

You can solve this by editing the file and insert the line “KEEP_FILE”.  After that, try to access the install console again and it will work.

If your Typo3 back end is broken (looks messy like the css is missing) after you did an update of your Typo3 installation (f.e. from version 4.1.3 to 4.4.1) head over to the /typo3conf/ext folder and look for an extension called “mn_ff3_be_bugfix”. Back it up to your local computer and then delete it on your webserver. Now load the back end again and now it should work.