HowTo play XBOX games on a XBOX 360

If you want to play old XBOX games on your XBOX 360 and they are not already supported by the XBOX emulator (see this list from Microsoft to find out) you now have the chance to do so.

1.) Get a JTAG XBOX 360*

2.) Download this hacked firmware** and be sure to check the readme files first

3.) Install XeXMenu on the XBOX 360 (or any other tool that lets you access the filesystem)

4.) Connect to your XBOX 360 via FTP

5.) Locate your second partition with the “compatibility” folder

6.) Replace the content of this folder with the one from the downloaded file from step 2

7.) Restart your XBOX 360, insert your XBOX game

8.) Have fun playing !

*A JTAG XBOX 360 is a console that has been hacked to play unsigned code. This article explains it in a good way and should answer all your questions. You can also buy already JTAG consoles on different locations in the web. They have the great advantage that you don´t have to care about anything and normally they have already a tool like XeXMenu (like mentioned in step 3) installed and ready for use. On the other hand these consoles are very expensive. Mine was about 250 €.

**The hacked firmware was probably released by a guy named Xorloser sometime in 2007.  Any gratitude goes to him. There´s a thread at the XBOX scene forum about it you might want to check.

Download: xb1_5829_nov_2007-hacked.rar (Hacked XBOX emulator for XBOX 360)

Pictures taken from Rallisport Challenge 2 on XBOX 360

Pictures taken from DTM Race Driver 2 on XBOX 360

Windows XP 64bit

Well I heard many good things about Windows XP 64bit, especially in combination with dual core cpu´s and x64 designed applications. So I decided to install it on my Fujitsu Siemens Si 1520 notebook.

I prepared myself that this might be a little complicated but I didn´t expect such an nightmare. At first I got my hands on the Windows XP 64bit Superior Release, June 2009. It installs pretty smooth and really quick (about 20 minutes total) and recognizes nearly all of the devices.

But…drivers for all the not recognized devices are damn hard to find and in about 70% of the cases simply unavailable. A good try are the Vista x64 drivers – they may not work either ;-).

My installation of Windows XP 64bit didn´t recognize the beloved Conexant High Definition Audio Chipset. And who can live without sound today ? I couldn´t so I started to search the net for suitable x64 drivers. Fujitsu Siemens as manufacturer doesn´t support XP 64. They have a Vista x64 driver, but that one doesn´t work. I found a great variety of drivers in the net, though most of them didn´t fucking work.

It took me around 3 days to get the Conexant Windows Vista x64 driver working, (yeah I know it´s a Vista driver, but the XP 64 driver didn´t work) but than the epic fail. Sound from the internal speakers (sound like shit), but no sound out of the headphone plug. The red SPDIF light was there, but no SPDIF headphones in sight – and by the way – who the hell needs SPDIF headphones ?

I was pretty annoyed, searched the net again, found nothing, got angry and decided to modify the Vista x64 driver on my own. And after some modifications on the INF files there was SOUND – also out of the headphone plug. You can find the modified driver at the end of this article, with absolute no warranty for anything. It should work with nearly any Fujitsu Siemens notebook that has a Conexant High Definition Audio Chipset.

But there´s one important limitation. I didn´t manage to get the microphone plug working. I couldn´t find the correct routing within the INF files. Any help is appricated. The internal microphone is working, but not the microphone plug.

I also own a T-Mobile web’n’walk Stick 3 (a Huawei UMTS / HSDPA / 3G usb modem). Though T-Mobile provides an update for the device, I couldn´t get it working. Also not with the included XP 64 drivers ?!?!

My conclusion(s) so far :

+ fast and reliable operating system

+ great for dual core cpu´s in combination with a bunch of memory ( > 3 GB)

+ high speed on x64 applications

+ more “modern” than the antiquated Windows XP SP2 32bit

– driver compatibility is a nightmare

– driver support by the manufacturers is bad

– requires too much time to get all the things working

Modified Windows XP x64 Conexant HD Audio Device Drivers by Pac, October 2k9

Download : windows_xp_x64_conexant_hd_audio_device_drivers

Instructions & Notes : readme_first

Trials HD on xbox360


I bought Trials HD for the xbox360 on xbox live and spent 1200 MS Points for it. And I can only say – it´s great fun. Due to the HD resolution the game looks brilliant. The levels are well designed, start easy and then have a good learning curve towards some really fucking hard levels. The controls concerning the bike are limited to accerleration and braking. The more important part is the steering of the driver which is done through the left analog stick.

You can get a first impression from the following video :

Some of you might remember this kind of games from several browser games available online. But the origin of this genre might be ExciteBike published 1984 on the NES.


If you wanna know more, then check the Wikipedia artcile, otherwise if you wanna travel back to 1984 then here´s your chance to play it online :