Codemasters hat “einfach mal so” allen Community-Foren das Licht ausgeknipst, angeblich weil der Vertrag mit dem Forenbetreiber ausgelaufen ist. Das mag grundsätzlich vielleicht schon stimmen, nur reiht es sich in eine lange Liste von unprofessionellem Verhalten und offensichtlicher Dämmlichkeit seitens Codemasters ein. Vielleicht sollte Terry Tate mal vorbeischauen…

DICE entwickelt sich zum neuen Microsoft und benutzt seine User (Gamer) als Betatester für Battlefield 4. Dumm nur, dass die Leute dafür den vollen Kaufpreis bezahlen mussten und das Spiel schon erschienen ist.

Die neue Topstory der Washington Post bzgl. Ed Snowden und der NSA. Da der Artikel in englisch und lang ist, hier die Kurzfassung: die NSA erfasst täglich die Standortdaten von nahezu jedem Mobiltelefon auf der Erde. Überrascht ?

Sigmar Gabriel versucht den SPD Mitgliedern die Vorratsdatenspeicherung schmackhaft zu machen, indem er behauptet, sie habe geholfen den norwegischen Attentäter Anders Breivik zu überführen. Das ist erstmal sachlich und inhaltlich falsch. Das ist aber auch so extrem respektlos gegenüber den Opfern, dass ich gar nicht weiß, was ich dazu sagen soll.

Großartiger Kommentar von 4Players Chefredakteur Jörg Luibl zu den Next Generation Konsolen. Unbedingt lesen !

Fast hätte ich es vergessen. Morgen erscheint mit Gran Turismo 6 ein potenzieller Systemseller für die Playstation. Dummerweise (erstmal) nur für die PS3. Gut gemacht Sony !

Launch Title Comparism: XBOX One & PS4 vs. XBOX 360 & PS3

So there they are: the Xbox One and the PS4 – the long awaited NextGen video game consoles. And so far both are a really big disappointment for me. Mainly because they lack good launch titles. But how was it back in the days when Xbox 360 and PS3 were released ? Enjoy !

Note: This comparism is based on data from the 28th of November 2013. Because of a increasing number of reviews the ratings per game will change afters this date (applys only to the XBOX One and PS4 games). All games that were rated not later than 6 days after the earliest release of the console have been considered. Example: the console launched on the 20th of march. All games, including those rated on the 26th of march are considered. A game released on the 27th of march is not considered. We call this the +6 rule.


XBOX One XBOX 360 Playstation 4 Playstation 3
Launch date
22.11.2013 22.11.2005 15.11.2013 11.11.2006
Available games (+6 rule)
22 28 24 16
Games with rating (+6 rule)
14 28 16 15
Average rating (+6 rule)
69 points 76 points 78 points 71 points
Best game (+6 rule)
87 points(FIFA 14) 89 points(Call Of Duty 2) 93 points(flower) 86 points(Resistance: Fall of Man)
Worst game (+6 rule)
27 points(Fighter Within) 62 points(FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World cup) 48 points(NBA Live 14) 33 points(Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire)

Now the conclusions (all with +6 rule in mind, don´t forget):

  • the XBOX 360 had more launch titles than the XBOX One
  • the Playstation 3 had less launch titles than the Playstation 4
  • Sony increased their number of launch titles, Microsoft decreased it
  • the XBOX 360 launch titles had better overall ratings than the XBOX One launch titles
  • the Playstation 3 launch titles had worser overall  ratings than the Playstation 4 launch titles
  • Microsoft won the overall ratings battle of the last console generation, Sony wins now
  • the XBOX 360 had a higher rated game than the XBOX One when applying +6 rule
  • the Playstation 4 had a higher rated game than the Playstation 3 when applying +6 rule
  • again Microsoft wins the higher rated game battle of the last console generation, again Sony wins now
  • the XBOX One had a lower rated game than the XBOX 360 when applying +6 rule
  • the Playstation 3 had a lower rated game than the Playstation 4 when applying +6 rule
  • and again Microsoft did better in the last console generation, Sony wins now

Well – was that a surprise for you ? Comment !

my current games wish / play list


4 months and no update…I´m getting a bit lazy on this. Today I´ve updated the list and need to comment on some games.

I got Heavy Rain (PS3) as a present from my girlfriend and it is great. The story is amazing, the characters do not only look good, they are well designed, their whole behaviour is amazing. And it´s a totally new interpretation of the video game genre. Go get it ! I was really looking forward to the remake of NBA Jam (Wii, XBOX 360) but I got heavily disappointed because it´s not a good game at all. Just a bad remake. And Mafia 2 (PC, XBOX 360, PS3). Another disappointment in some ways. Read this article (only in german, sorry) I wrote about it.

Last but not least here are the new games on the list.

  • Duke Nukem Forever (XBOX 360, PS3, PC)

Well what to say about this game ? 14 years of development, several times vaporware winner and Wired created the Vaporware Lifetime Achievement Award exclusively for DNF and awarded it in 2003. And in May 2011 it will be released. Unbelieveable but true. You need to get this baby !

  • WRC – FIA World Rally Championship (XBOX 360, PS3, PC)

If you don´t like Dirt 2 (maybe because of its american styled presentation) and if you´re more into the real rally scene then this is your game (and mine too). It has a lot of flaws. The graphic looks as if it is 5 years old, the sound is really not great and you´ll find strange things in the statistics as well as in the career design. But it features a full WRC license (WRC, PWRC, JWRC, etc.) and a really great driving model along with all rallyes from the WRC calendar. The tracks are not a 1:1 rebuild of their real world counterparts but they are pretty well designed. In case you´re still playing RalliSport Challenge 2 on the good old XBOX (like I do) you may give WRC a try.

  • Velvet Assassin (XBOX 360, PS3, PC)

This is a classical stealth action game situated in the scenario of the 2nd world war. You´re playing a british (female) secret agent behind enemy lines. I own this one already and it´s a great game. It´s so dark and scary (it´s also brutal and bloody) and the whole presentation is haunting. But it is not an easy game so expect some frustrating moments although the checkpoints are fairly distributed.


Today and for the first time I have 2 games for mobile platforms on the list. And hell yeah, the most funny basketball game of all times…

  • GTA Chinatown Wars (Nintendo DS, iPhone / iPad)

This is the first “real” game (not a minigame, or a just for fun game, no a real fulltime title) that I spent hours with on my iPhone. Though the controls are a bit fuzzy cause of the touch controls it´s the best game for the iPhone I´ve played so far. The story is amazing, the graphics are really great (look at them on an iPhone 4 or an iPad and you´ll know what I mean) and it´s simply so much fun.

And – if you don´t like the fuzzy controls there´s also a Nintendo DS version available. I played this one on my oldschool 1st generation DS and yes, the graphics is not so good, the resolution is worse and sometimes even the framerate drops heavily but you got to the point controls and the same great story and gameplay as on the iPhone / iPad.

So what´s the better platform to play ? If you own a Nintendo DS, go get this version for very little money at Amazon or eBay. Having real controls is the big advantage of this version. But if you´re fine with the touch controls in iPhone / iPad games then go get this version. It looks much better and is also available for cheap money at the Appstore.

You can also play the game on the Nintendo DS emulator for PC. See this YouTube video of mine I shot some weeks ago: (iPhone) (Nintendo DS)

  • Duken Nukem Critical Mass (Nintendo DS)

Well since Duken Nukem Forever won´t see the daylight soon (or ever :-D) the Duken Nukem fans have to look for alternatives. And what we have seen so far from Duke Nukem Critical Mass seems like the game will bring a lot of fun to the DS. I´m still a little bit unsure if a shooter will really fit well into the controls and look & feel of a Nintendo DS (and I mean in concerns of really being a very good game, not just a 0815 shooter). But very soon we´ll know more.

  • NBA Jam (Wii)

You know what ? I hate sports games, except motorsport. But I loved NBA Jam on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It was the perfect game for people like me. Easy controls, fun gameplay, nearly no rules and big bam slam dunks. Because on TV, NBA is fun and still today I switch to a game from time to time. The remake of NBA Jam for the Wii does nearly the same, what the remake of Goldeneye (originally on N64) does.  1:1 copy of the good old gameplay, add some features, improve the graphics a bit (well I´m not so sure on Goldeneye) and release it for the Wii. It´s pretty arguable if this is a good concept or not. Some say it´s simple money making. And yes, they are right. Other say, a good copy is better than a worse self-made – and they are right too.

If I look at 2 statements by big publishers of the videogame industry from the last days (Ubisoft: “We will only focus on the (already established) money making titles.” THQ: “People who sell or buy used games are criminals and doing harm to the industry.”) I can´t see any revolutionary development at all and we all know that there are some “only for the money” players in this game (did anyone shout E.A. ?). So doing remakes of some classic titles can´t be that wrong, though it looks like they asked some consultants from the music industry what to do.

Anyway…here are the videos. Enjoy them !

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