Ein Garantiefall (RMA) bei Western Digital

Update 29.05.2013

Das Social Media Team von Western Digital hat mir eine kleine Wiedergutmachung geschickt. Nice. Thx !


satared(only in german – sorry)

Western Digital baut ganz gute Festplatten, zum Beispiel die 3 TB Western Digital SATA RED. Die Festplatten sind nicht die Billigsten, dafür sind sie schnell, zuverlässig und haben 3 Jahre Garantie. Für meinen Home-Server hatte ich 7 Stück bestellt. Eine der Festplatten war “dead on arrival” (DOA), d.h. sie war schon von Haus aus kaputt. Ärgerlich, aber auch kein Weltuntergang, schließlich gibt es die besagten 3 Jahre Garantie.

Also schnell den RMA (Garantietausch) über das Western Digital Support Portal beantragt, die Festplatte verpackt, den vorgefertigten Paketaufkleber ausgedruckt und ab damit in die Post. Das war am 19.04.2013. Laut Sendungsverfolgung des Paketdienstes wurde das Paket am 23.04.2013 erfolgreich zugestellt. Danach passierte erst einmal nichts. Gar nichts. Am 28.04.2013 habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, eine Supportanfrage bei Western Digital zu starten, da laut RMA-Status meine defekte Festplatte noch nicht mal eingetroffen war. Was dann folgte war ein knapp 4-wöchiger Dialog mit einer netten Supportmitarbeiterin namens Jean. Zunächst wurde ich um Geduld gebeten, da es bis zu 10 Werktage dauern kann, bis ein eingehendes Paket bei Western Digital verbucht wird. Also habe ich gewartet. Nach den 10 Tagen – es war natürlich noch immer nichts passiert – wurde ich gebeten, einen Nachweis über die Zustellung zu erbringen. Erledigt. Daraufhin erhielt ich die schlimmste Antwort die man sich als Kunde in so einem Fall wünscht: “Ihr Fall wurde zur Klärung an eine andere Abteilung übergeben. Sie erhalten dann umgehend Nachricht.” Innerlich hatte ich ab diesem Zeitpunkt die Sache schon abgeschrieben, obwohl sich Jean wirklich um eine Lösung bemühte.

Ein paar Tage später dann das Wunder. Urplötzlich änderte sich der Status meines RMA, innerhalb eines Tages wurde ein Austausch veranlasst, nach einem weiteren Tag gab es sogar eine UPS Trackingnummer und wiederum 3 Tage später hielt ich tatsächlich eine neue Festplatte in den Händen. Dummerweise zeigte der Kalender bereits den 27.05.2013. Damit hat der RMA “nur” 34 Tage gedauert (23.04. – 27.05.).

Danke an Western Digital für dieses rundum negative Serviceerlebnis !


Happy birthday my little blog

happy-birthday-vectorHappy birthday to my little blog !

5 years ago this was the first post ! So let´s see what the next 5 years will be like. I did some analytics of the past 5 years:

– 138 Posts = 27,6 posts per year = 2,3 posts per month

– 706 Tags = 5,1 tags per posts

– 24 Categories:

– Top 3 (including children): IT (49 posts), Annoying (41), Gaming (22)

– Low 2 (including children): Hip Hop (1 post), TU Ilmenau (2 posts)

– 317 items in the Media Library = 2,3 media items per post

Most commented post: Android on Samsung i8320 / H1 – H1droid / CyanogenMod

Thanks to all the people who visited this site in the last 5 years. See you around !

Picture source: http://www.allvectors.com/happy-birthday-vector-2/

Ads removed, Flattr added

flattrAnother short update from my blogs internal machine room. I have removed the ads from the right side, simply because they make no sense at all (but may annoy the reader if he / she has no ad blocker installed). The ads have been there for about a year now and while being viewed quite a lot they didn´t generate noteworthy klicks (or revenues).

So I decided to get rid of them and replace them with a small, but beautiful Flattr button on the top of the right side. So if you like this blog than feel free to flattr it. If you don´t know what Flattr is read this: https://flattr.com/howflattrworks



AMD Opteron 3320 EE & 3350 HE with Gigabyte GA 970a UD3 (Socket AM3+)

amdIf you are looking for a fast, but energy efficient AMD CPU you´ll probably have heard about the Opteron 3300 series. The Opterons – formerly used only in server systems – are nowadays fully compatible desktop CPU´s using the common CPU socket AM3+. This socket is also used by AMD´s FX & A-Series CPU´s and a whole bunch of mainboards are available. The only problem is – most mainboard manufacturers only refer to the FX  & A-Series in their CPU compatibility lists and you´ll probably not find any information about the Opterons.

So I picked two 3300 series Opterons for a short test with the very popular Gigabyte GA 970a UD3 Rev. 1.0 mainboard.

The Opteron 3320 EE is the most energy efficient AMD quad core CPU currently on the market with a TDP of only 25W. The Opteron 3350 HE is the second most energy efficient AMD quad core CPU with a TDP of only 45W. While the 3320 operates at 1.9 GHZ, the 3350 operates at 2.8 GHZ.

Both CPU´s work fine with the Gigabyte GA 970a UD3 mainboard but only if you have the latest BIOS installed. In my case this was BIOS version F7 (2012.10.22). One important note: the BIOS can not be updated with the Opteron 3320 or 3350. You´ll need an older CPU that is already supported by your current BIOS version. I used an AMD Sempron 145 (Socket AM3) for updating.


Gigabyte GA 970a UD3 Overview: http://www.gigabyte.de/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3907#ov

Gigabyte GA 970a UD3 BIOS Download: http://www.gigabyte.de/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3907#bios

2013 may be a good gaming year…

…and you know why ? Because in the first 4 months of the year great things happened already and more to come. Here is a short list of games / consoles I´m looking out for:

  • Tomb Raider (PC, PS3, XBOX 360) – already released

This is the reboot of the famous Tomb Raider series, with a younger more vulnerable Lara Croft. I played it on the PS3 all the way through and I liked it. Some say that this might be a more or less cheap Uncharted copy but I think it isn´t. It has the same game mechanic here and there but it adds it´s individual note. Besides it looks really great, the story is well told and I felt pretty much entertained by this new Tomb Raider. I´ve played the german version and it has a very good localization with german actress Nora Tschirner – who did a really good job – as Lara Croft.

Gametrailers review: http://www.gametrailers.com/reviews/7zar52/tomb-raider-review

  • Ouya (Android console) – June 2013, Kickstarter backers and preorders shipped earlier

The Ouya is an Android gaming console designed from scratch and financed with a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Why I believe in it ? I think a dedicated Android gaming console is overdue because the smartphone / tablet mobile devices aren´t made for core gamers (and probably never will, though they improve). Android as an open ecosystem offers endless possibilities to developers, companies and fans so there will be (and already are) much more games available at launch than for any other console in the world. I´m not quite sure if we´ll see A+ titles on Ouya, or at least not so soon, but in the meantime the core gamer can spend days and hours emulating his hero games from past decades or explore the built-in Ouya store. Plus it will feature some great apps that already exist on Android and are easy to port (like XBMC). Last but not least the Ouya is so small in size, you can take it with you anywhere you´ll go.

Kickstarter campain video: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ouya/ouya-a-new-kind-of-video-game-console

  • The Last Of Us (PS3 exlusive) – June 2013

“The Last of Us is genre-defining experience blending survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague. Cities are abandoned and being reclaimed by nature. Remaining survivors are killing each other for food, weapons and whatever they can find. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a young teenage girl who’s braver and wiser beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States.”

Well – that was a part the official game description. And it´s supposed to be the next big thing by Naughty Dog, the developers of Uncharted. Why everybody is so psyched about the game ? I guess these people played Uncharted 1 – 3. Like I did. I´m not so quite sure that Naugthy Dog can´t fail with this (like some do believe), but I´m very curious to find out.

Extended Red Band Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4pYIsaZqE0&feature=player_detailpage

  • Beyond: Two souls (PS3 exlusive) – October 2013

This is the successor to 2010s Heavy Rain by developer Quantic Dream, that made it to the top position of my favourite game list. Not so much is known about the game itself so far, but Wikipedia says: “The game is centered around questions about what happens after death. The game lets the player take Jodie Holmes through 15 (8-23) years of her life on a journey to discover the true meaning of the entity, Aiden, alongside her throughout the story. The game’s producer noted that players might be able to find out “what lies beyond” after playing the game.” I think it will be a great game, because Quantic Dream CEO David Cage recently said, that publisher Sony gives them the freedom to do what they want to do. And the last time they did it like this, the result was stunning.

E3 2012 trailers: http://www.gametrailers.com/e3/videos/py6dhs/e3-2012–trailer

  • GTA V (PS3, XBOX 360, PC still unconfirmed) – September 2013

Not much to say here I guess. Everything we know so far about GTA V sounds great, looks great and will be great (hopefully). Like you say nowadays: too big to fail.

Trailer #2 Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMa_H17IL48

  • Broken Age (PC, 4 other plattforms that are not confirmed so far) – Q2 2013

Broke Age will be the next point and click adventure by (adventure) developer legend Tim Schäfer. It was financed on Kickstarter and the first really popular and successful camapign there. It was announced as a classical point & click adventure and raised $3,336,371 (the campaign goal was 400k). I always liked adventures and I hope that this will be a very oldschool, but very good adventure.

Official Teaser Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWM4R5JsakE

  • Watch Dogs (PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, PC, WiiU) – unconfirmed, currently fall 2013

Wikipedia says: “Watch Dogs (stylised as WATCH_DOGS) is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game, developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4,[5] Wii U,[6] and the Xbox 360.[7] Watch Dogs centers on the player’s ability to hack into various electronic systems, either to obtain and control information or to destroy those devices completely at specific times.”

The game got my attention because of it´s superb graphics. Later I (we) found out that it will be a launch title for the Playstation 4 which explained the graphics, becaused they seemed to good for the current PS3 / XBOX 360 generation. Also the principle of being able to hack in everything and everywhere could form a quite interesting game mechanic. There is only one problem. The game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and I really don´t agree with their latest games (Assassins Creed). Hopefully they´ll do better here.

E3 2012 Trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U46GDVGgoRE

  • Playstation 4 (console) – fall 2013

So 2013 will also see a new Playstation. 7 years after the release of the Playstation 3. I´m not really psyched about this, mainly because I still have bad memories of the PS3 launch. A incredible high price, launch titles that weren´t as good as promised (Motorstorm) and a shitty controller. Hopefully Sony will do better with the PS4.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x7QhUL8NUK4

As a last point some rumors (or wishes):

  • Forza 5 (maybe as a launch title for the new XBOX)
  • a good rally game falling down from the sky (probably not Dirt 4)
  • more A+ indie games

Removed page “Mobile”

FinkCommander_in_useA short update from my blogs internal machine room. The page “Mobile” has been removed, as there will be no new content in it. All the content from that category has been moved to posts. Here are the former pages now posts (in now particular order):

Picture source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:FinkCommander_in_use.png

Cool Edit Pro / Adobe Audition M4A / AAC / MP4 / AC3 / FLACC / MOD / OGG / QT / WMA plugins

Update 2:

The download link was broken. I fixed it now. Thx to Reini for the hint.


I´ve decided to put all the Cool Edit Pro plugins I own into an archive and distribute it here => Download

These plugins are included:

  • M4A
  • AAC
  • MP4
  • AC3
  • FLAC
  • MOD
  • OGG
  • QT (Quicktime Audio)
  • WMA

The plugins work with Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and Adobe Audition.

Download: cool_edit_pro_codecs.rar

If you´re still a convinced user of Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition you may want to convert some m4a files to another format. I found this nice plugin at RareWares and mirrored it here for you.

It uses FAAC 1.28 and FAAD2 2.7.

Happy converting and thanks to the people at RareWares !

Download: cool_faac-1.28-2.7.zip

Howto add a MIME type to IIS – broken download links when using IIS

Sometimes you´ll find yourself in the situation that users complain about broken download links on your website but you can´t figure out why. Because the files are there, the links are good and the webserver is working fine as well.

If your webserver is an IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Services) then it probably misses the MIME type for the file to download.

So here´s the solution:

  1. Log onto your server and start the internet information services manager (IIS manager)
  2. Select your server from the connections panel on the left and double click MIME-Type in the IIS section of the panel on the right
  3. Now you can see all the MIME-Types that are already registered and known to the server
  4. Scroll down to see if your extension is already registered (e.g. “.7z” for the 7z compression standard)
  5. If your extension is already listed there, then this is not the solution for your problem. Sorry !
  6. If your extenion is not listed there then do a right click somewhere and choose “Add” from the menu
  7. Enter the extenion – for 7z it would be “.7z”, for ISO image it would be “.iso”
  8. Now enter the MIME-Type depending on what extension you want to register. For 7z it would be “application/x-7z-compressed” and for ISO it would be “application/octet-stream”.
  9. Test your download links – if it works, good. If not you have to restart your IIS.
  10. You´re done !

See the screenshots below to see what to do and where. They are from a german version of IIS, but the general structure is the same as in the english version.


Howto do a Bios Update without a floppy disk drive

Doing a bios update nowadays can be quiet difficult if you have no floppy disk drive – especially if you plan to do it on a rather old mainboard like the Tyan Thunder N3600R. The flasher for the bios needs to be run from a clean DOS environment without any memory handlers (like EMM386 or HIMEM.SYS) loaded. This tutorial was made especially for the Tyan Thunder N3600R bios but should work fine with any oldschool bios flasher that needs to be run from a clean DOS environment.

So here we go if you have no floppy drive, but a cd drive and a hard disk.


1.) You need the Ultimate Boot CD Version 3.2. – you can download it from here. The most recent version of the Ultimate Boot CD can be found here http://www.ultimatebootcd.com, but later version than 3.2 don´t have the boot disk we need so for this tutorial you should stick with version 3.2.

2.) Burn the downloaded ISO from step 1 to a CD (bootable).

3.) You need a hard disk with at least one free partition which must to be formatted with FAT32 (NTFS won´t work) and remember the drive letter (f.e. C: or D:).

4.) You need the bios files you want to flash and the flasher.

5.) Copy the bios files and the flasher to the FAT32 partition onto the hard disk from step 3.

Once you´ve done that, now the important part:

6.) Boot your PC from the CD you have burned in step 2. You should see the Ultimate Boot Disk 3.2 main screen.

7.) Press “F6” for Dos / Linux Boot Disks.

8.) Press “F3″for NwDsk: Netware Boot Disk.

9.) You can now see the NwDsk Boot Disks main screen.

10.) Quickly press “F5” (Bypass startup files) otherwise it will load the wrong configuration.

11.) You´ll now find a DOS prompt waiting for your input.

12.) Navigate to the partition (drive) where the bios files and the flasher are by typing “C:” or “D:” (depending on the drive letter you remembered from step 3).

13.) Start the flasher by typing “flash” (if you don´t know what´s the name of the flasher type “dir” to see all files and then search for an executable (*.bat, *.exe,*.com).

14.) The bios flasher will start and flash a the new bios. From now on follow the instructions on the screen and NEVER turn off your PC while the flasher is running.

15.) You´re done.

Thx to the people at http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ for their great work !